Vincent Paone, of Dad’s Gaming Addiction, did a great preview write-up of unPerfect Heroes: Battle Lines at Unperfect Heroes: Battle Lines (Preview)

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the article:

“…this game has somewhat of a similar vibe to “Munchkin”, just without the dungeon delving and treasures. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because the game makes up for it in other areas.”

“The bonds/special abilities are a game changer and probably one of my favorite things about this game…. It’s a risk/reward situation that adds an extra level of fluff and strategy to the game.”

“It’s crude and chuckle-worthy in some places, but nothing so offensive that I had to put the game down and walk away. The characters on these cards are colorful to say the least.”

“…I do think the quality of my prototype is top notch. The three double-sided boards were a nice touch, the sci-fi/alien theme being my favorite. Despite some iffy PG-13 themes, the art was pretty good too. I’ll admit to being curious as to what the cards from the expansion will look like.”

Please read the full article preview at Unperfect Heroes: Battle Lines (Preview)