Back in 2017, (jeez that was a decade ago), I started creating the cards for unPerfect Heroes: Battle Lines. As you will notice, the original cards had ranges of numbers and even dice. It was REALLY confusing! But as we play-tested and fed off the input of others, we made a lot of changes — not only in the game itself but also the cards.

Our initial game was going to be something more along the lines of the Dungeons and Dragons board games. But instead of playing as a fighter or wizard, you would be everyday people, like an out-of-work model or a mad scientist. And rather than roaming dungeons looking for ancient artifacts and dragons, you would be searching the city’s pawnshops and food trucks and saving them from those wishing to rob or eat all of the merchandise. This game is still in the works, but we thought it would be too big and expensive for our first game.

We decided to tone things back and design a game that would be affordable as well as easy and fast to play. Plus, it would serve as an introduction to our world of characters. Thus, Battle Lines was created, and it became the foundation as to where the characters found, what they consider to be superpowers. Therefore, it’s a great introductory to the Waple Family universe.

To make Battle Lines easier, we took out the dice and made it a strictly card-based game. This is why the deck that comes with the main box is called “No Dice” — a little Easter egg for you there.

The graphics also had a lot of improvements. We started with some great illustrations from our artist, Azzadar. He created several illustrations that were going to be used for the RPG, but we simply transferred them to this new game. From there, I was doing a lot of tweaking on the layouts and getting a lot of great advice from people in the Facebook gaming groups.

The final printed cards have a high-quality finish on black core paper and have exceeded the expectations of most everyone who has played the game so far. Who would have thought that a game publisher’s first game would have such beautiful products? ME, that’s who, because when we do things, they will be done right.