Dev Chat – 12/30/2020 – Game Movement

Divinities Boon board and characters
Divinities Boon board and characters

Aloha Bob sent, “The board is a concept, and the game is meant to be more combat-centric than anything else (a later version will be more about control). Each player moves their champion from their starting number to the purple thing on the top left. There are yellow “event” spaces, and in order for a win condition to be met, a player must either achieve victory points by completing X number of events or reach the purple area (but completing events also helps with what needs to be done in the purple area).

Aloha Bob sent, “Since we want combat between players to be the main interaction, we are using a similar combat card mechanic we devised for our first game, unPerfect Heroes: Battle Lines. In that game, players would use either one or two characters, plus a boost card, add up the stats and try to win on one of the three actions. Same concept in this game. Shown in the two character cards below, you see there are melee, ranged, and siege actions. If player 1 (the dwarf) wins in melee, they move the three on the dwarf card. If the dwarf wins ranged they move the 1 on the orc card. If the dwarf wins siege then the dwarf player moves the orc player in any direction the dwarf player wishes by how many orc cards played (1 or 2).

Aloha Bob sent, “For events, if the dwarf goes into a yellow space, an event card is drawn that will show something like, “vampires jump from the trees and attack! Melee 7, Range 3 Siege 2”, which shows the three stats they attack with. The dwarf player can choose to fight or run and an opponent will roll three 6-sided dice with the numbers 1,1,1,2,2,3 on them. Each die matches the color of melee, ranged, and siege and the numbers rolled are added to the vampire card, either by color if playing solo, or the opponent can put them in whatever slot they want, thus giving the dwarf’s opponent a role in that turn.

Aloha Bob sent, “I’d like to kick this game around more since we’re working on the book stuff for it.

Aloha Bob sent, “We also have traps and they may be able to be played when the dwarf decides to run from the vampires or something.

Michael sent, “I would love to as well and I’m hoping to get more book stuff done by next year lol. I like the big explanation of the ‘how to play’. It’s a good little glimpse into the background that will look good on Patreon.

Aloha Bob sent, “this isn’t a how to play. This is me asking you if combat used in this way is a good way to get movement as well as a lot of combat

Michael sent, “Oh lol, sorry I got lost in the words. Yes it’s a good way to do movement but I would also make a ‘normal’ movement step as well. Like on a turn a player can choose to move 0 or 1 space and then use the fighting to gain additional movement just to gurantee some movement can happen even if you’re losing.

Aloha Bob sent, “makes sense. Is giving the 0 option normal?

Michael sent, “I’ve seen it on occasion, but I figured tit would be good for us so a player can ‘stay in place’ and interact with the same square again. Like if I’m on an event square I can just sit and do another event or move and see what happens.

Aloha Bob sent, “Oh, I was thinking of placing tokens on a used event so players can’t just sit there. They have to move.

Michael sent, “Ah, we can do that, but I was picturing events just being a deck that ‘never ends’

Aloha Bob sent, “It is, but if we have victory points as a way of winning, that makes it too easy. as a matter of fact, maybe moving is what gets them into combat. Say, you move, I then roll a die to see in which spot I possibly confront you in to stop you from getting to another event. It’d be my strike team or whatever

Aloha Bob sent, “The deck is “never ending” that is

Michael sent, “Oooh I kind of like that

Aloha Bob sent, “I was trying to figure out a logical reason why I would be able to attack you since our champions may be far from each other. I may be half way to the boon and you may be loitering around events trying to win that way.

Aloha Bob sent, “Ooh, because if you get 10 VPs you can get teleported to the gate near the boon!!!

Aloha Bob sent, “Fuck yes!

Michael sent, “Ok this, this right here. Hell yes

Aloha Bob sent, “Okay, I’m gonna go watch tv and put this in some notes