Ul’Gar Chainbreaker – Orc Champion

Ul’Gar Chainbreaker

Ul’Gar Chainbreaker paced back and forth, deep in thought as the setting sun cast long shadows through their campsite. Today had been troubling, not just because they had all seen the shard fall from the sky, but a skirmish earlier left a bad taste in his mouth.

From a distance, his foe had seemed human. As they drew closer, their rancid stench and ghastly moans sent shivers down the spines of his troops. The fight had been easy enough, his forces tearing through the walking dead like, well like a group of orcs through the undead, but the most troubling fact was the entire skirmish he swore he heard laughter echoing from the fog as if something watched and learned from a distance.

Distant thunder shook him from his reverie, and he watched Brillima organize troops for the nights watch, sweeping his eyes out to the forest once more. He paused before shaking his head, turning to walk back into camp proper and chastising himself for seeing things in the gloom. Must have just been an animal ducking behind a tree. Surely not a woman in a white dress.