Launching on Kickstarter!

With your help, Divinities Boon: Primordium will become a reality. The game has been enjoyed by many, many people and most of the artwork has been completed. Once we hit our funding goal the art can be finished and sent to the manufacturer.

The gods are at war with each other. But that doesn’t matter to you, as you are not a god.

You are a champion of your race, and your god has told you of a great relic that will provide you with immeasurable power to overcome your foes. You must gather your most fierce forces to make the journey because your enemies have the same destiny.

Divinities Boon: Primordium

Fantasy races are pitted against each other in a battle to a magical relic. Champions command forces as they move forward on the player’s game board. Attack your opponent’s forces with melee, ranged or siege assaults to move your champion forward, or your enemy backward. Once your champion reaches the Boon, they must fight to retain control of it for three rounds.

But victory is fleeting, for the other gods have the power to remove the boon and give their favored champion another chance for greatness.

How to Play Divinities Boon

Each player picks a race deck, shuffles, and takes a seven-card hand. The first box comes with fierce Orcs and hearty Dwarves. Then each player will choose their board and agree on a starting point to determine the length of the game. And finally, a champion.

Players take turns by playing one or two minions, whose MELEE, RANGED, and SIEGE stats combine. If they beat the opposing player’s minions in any of the three attacks, that champion is moved forward a number based on the cards played (attack and ranged), or the opposing champion is moved backward (siege). Champions add powerful bonuses to the minion’s attacks and defenses. Boon cards may also be played to give an added edge.

From a third deck, players may buy or earn more boons, some of which may even be placed on the player’s or opponent’s board to enhance or hinder the champion.

Once the champion reaches the final destination, they must maintain control of the relic for three, non-consecutive rounds. The winner returns to their homeland with the favor of their god until they take it away to play their game again.