Parrot Pair-it: A Dexterity Card Game of Flipping Birds Into the Nest to Make Pairs

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Parrot Pair-it is a cute and easy card game of matching and throwing that anyone can enjoy.

Give a flock a nice home today for only $12.


Parrot Pair-it is a cute and easy game that people of any age can enjoy. Each deck contains beautiful artwork of 26 pairs of parrots. Each pair has its point value based on how common the parrot species is.

There are two ways to play Parrot Pair-it:


After laying five bird cards and one poop card randomly, face-up on the table, and dealing three birds to each player, look for matches. If a held card matches a card on the table, the player will let the parrot fly down to its mate. Hold the card at least a foot above or away from the target card, then either fling or flip it, trying to get it to land, face up, touching its match. Pick it up and add it to your collected pairs if it does. If not, draw a new card, and go to the next player.

If the bird lands in poop, remove the thrown card from the table and add a poop card randomly.

Simple Picking Pairs

Another way to play Parrot Pair-it is the Old Maid method, where players hold a hand of seven cards and either ask if an opponent has a card needed to make a pair or they may physically remove a card from an opponent’s hand. Lay any pairs down to be counted later.


Cards have a number scale across the bottom that rises from left to right. Some parrot species will only have one pair, while others may have up to five. If a player, for example, has one pair of macaws, which is a five-pair set, it may be worth only five points. But if the player has four of the five macaw pairs, they will have 25 points, and if they have all five, fifty points. Winning the game is when one person reaches a predetermined score or when all the parrots have been paired with the person with the highest score winning.

Give a flock a nice home today for only $12.

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