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With your help, Parrot Pair-it will become a reality. The game has been enjoyed by many, many people and most of the artwork has been completed. Once we hit our funding goal the art can be finished and sent to the manufacturer.

Parrot Pair-It Card Game

Parrot Pair-it is a cute and easy game that anyone can enjoy. Each deck contains beautiful artwork of 25 pairs of parrots. Each pair has its own point value based on how common the parrot species is.

The initial set of Parrot Pair-It will come in three different decks, each containing beautiful artwork, created by Aloha Bob Moffa, of different parrots. Each deck contains 52 cards comprising 25 pairs of parrots and two extra cards. decks will contain from one to five pairs. The three decks below show the parrots that contain five pairs:

  • Deck One big birds are Macaws
  • Deck Two big birds are Cockatoos
  • Deck Three big birds are Amazons

Other than the five pairs listed, each deck will have 20 other pairs of birds.

There are two ways to play Parrot Pair-it:


For those who want a dexterity-based game, five random cards would be spread on the table, face up. Each player draws seven cards from the rest of the deck. The player whose turn it is looks for a pair. If there is on in their hand, easy points, lay them down in front of you. If they have a card in their hand that matches a card the table, they must let the parrot fly down to its mate. Hold the card at least a foot above the table, flip it up and try to get it to land, face up, touching its match. If it does, pick up it and add it to your collected pairs. If not, place it in the discard pile, draw a card, and hope you’ll do better the next try.

Simple Pair Picking

Another way to play Parrot Pair-it is the Old Maid method, where players hold a hand of seven cards and either ask if an opponent has a card needed to make a pair, or they may physically remove a card from an opponent’s hand. Lay any pairs down to be counted later.


Cards have a number scale across the bottom that rises from left to right. Some parrots species will only have one pair, while others may have up to five. If a player, for example, has one pair of macaws, which is a five-pair set, it may be worth only five points. But if the player has four of the five macaw pairs, they would have 25 points, and if they have all five, fifty points. Winning the game is when one person reaches a predetermined score, or when all the parrots have been paired with the person with the highest score winning.

Do You Want Your Parrot to Be in a Game?

We are in need of photos of parrots we can use. If you would like to submit your bird to be a part of Parrot Pair-it, please fill out the form below. If selected, you will recieve a free copy of the deck in which your bird appears!

Send Us Your Parrot Photo

Thank you very much for your help. We are looking for photos that are cute, fun, neat and/or awesome so that others can really appreciate what these special animals really mean to us.

IMPORTANT! Please look at the chart of birds we need. Only those in WHITE are needed and this list will change as we get artwork. Each deck is divided into two columns: "Type" and "Group" (since we are being non-scientific about this game). If the Type is filled in then that is the specific bird we need. If Type is blank, then you may list any type from that group that is NOT already listed. Example, there is a blank type next to Macaw. You may submit any sort of Macaw except one of the ones already listed above it.

Photos may be of birds in costume, in flight, play, rest, and so on. Please, no images that others may consider harmful or cruel. Try to submit an image that is clear, in focus, and not really small.

Upload a photo of your parrot