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Parrot Pair-It Card Game

Parrot Pair-it is a cute and easy card game of matching and throwing that anyone can enjoy.

Flip or flick parrots down to a matching bird in the nest. Collect matching pairs and win either by having the most pairs or scoring the most. In a points game, the number of birds in each group determines the point values.

Deck 1 of Parrot Pair-It contains beautiful artwork, created by Aloha Bob Moffa, of 35 different parrots. That’s 70 bird cards, three poop cards, and instructions. Don’t see a bird you like in this deck? If this sells well, there will be a deck 2.

Birds in this deck include: Macaws, Conures, Asiatic Parakeets, Amazons, Cockatiels, Lorikeet, Lovebirds, African Greys, and a bonus Black Palm Cockatoo