Race to Stuff Your Face Card Game

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Race to Stuff Your Face Card Game

Race to Stuff Your Face, a fast-paced card game.

Gluttony is the theme of this board game. Players try to nab as much delicious buffet food as possible before their opponents can do the same.

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How to Play

Four buffet tables are set up with food stacked on them. Each item from this Food Deck has a suit -- meat, dessert, carbs, and lard -- and a point value. There are even a few disgusting veggies mixed in.

The Appetite Deck contains 52 cards with each of the four suits and numbers from 1-13. Draw these cards into your hand and use them to take food from the buffet, matching at least one card with the food's suit and totaling its point value. You may, instead, steal food from the top of an opponent's plate, but it costs 2x.

Watch out for veggies that show up on the buffet because the appetite deck doesn't contain veggie cards. Someone will have to take on for the team and spend a turn to remove it.

Stack the food you take onto your character card's plate. This character card shows any bonuses you may have. Be wary of others snatching food right off your plate. You can safely store food at your table, but that just gives your opponent more time alone at that sweet, sweet buffet.

Each piece of food has an effect that can shift the tide of the game, and so does each slot on the buffet line, so no matter if you're scrounging for scraps there is still a chance to win!

A Turn

During your turn, you may either spend Appetite Cards to get food from the buffet or bring your plate to the table so that it can no longer be stolen from your plate.

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