Race to Stuff Your Face

Race to Stuff Your Face

Launching on Kickstarter!

With your help, Race to Stuff Your Face will become a reality. Once we hit our funding goal the art can be finished and sent to the manufacturer.

Race to Stuff Your Face is a fast-paced card game for 2+ people where you try to nab as much delicious buffet food as possible before your opponent(s) can do the same.



  • SHUFFLE the four BUFFET cards, word-side down, and arrange them on the TABLE.
  • SHUFFLE the FOOD DECK and distribute, face-up, evenly onto the BUFFET cards.
  • Decide who goes first by who is the hungriest and have that person
  • DEAL five cards to each PLAYER.
  • Place the remaining APPETITE DECK on the TABLE face-down.
  • Choose a celebrating from the WHAT’S THE HOOPLA CARD.


Use APPETITE CARDS from your HAND, with a max of seven CARDS, to acquire FOOD from the top of the BUFFET. You may use multiple CARDS to meet or go above the POINT VALUE and must represent all of the TASTES. Stack the FOOD you take onto your CHARACTER’S ACTIVE PLATE. Others may STEAL FOOD off your ACTIVE PLATE, but you can safely store PLATES at your TABLE. Don’t be caught wandering around when the game is over! Only TABLED PLATES count toward your score. Did someone take the last one? STEAL FOOD from the top of an OPPONENT’S PLATE, for 2x the POINT VALUE, or STEAL it at regular cost and immediately TABLE and end your turn.


A PLAYER may take ONE of the following ACTIONS per turn:

  • GRAB—Use APPETITE Cards to get FOOD from the BUFFET.
  • TABLE—Bring your ACTIVE PLATE to the TABLE so that no one may steal it.
  • STEAL—See someone holding something you like? Just take it.
  • BURP—Undo your belt. Open that pant button. However you make more room in your belly, do it so you can DRAW a CARD from the APPETITE DECK.



Keep playing until you have ravaged the BUFFET, and there is no FOOD left! Count up the total points to see who is the most gluttonous. Then go back for seconds!


  • BUFFET—These four altars hold glorious FOOD. Once a FOOD stack is gone, flip the BUFFET card face-up to display its EFFECT and leave it there.
  • FOOD DECK—Each FOOD has at least one TASTE or SUIT (Savory, Salty, Spicy, and Sweet), a POINT VALUE, and an EFFECT. There are even a few dreaded VEGGIEs mixed in.
  • APPETITE DECK—This DECK contains 52 cards with each of the four TASTES numbered from 1-13 (You can even play solitaire or other games with this deck). These CARDS make up your HAND.
  • PLATES—A stack of FOOD is called a PLATE.
  • CHARACTERS—These cards represent the playable CHARACTERS and their BONUSES. When you take FOOD from the BUFFET, it goes here. FOOD on this CARD is called your ACTIVE PLATE.
  • TABLE—The TABLE is the area around you where you store your TABLED PLATES. Move PLATES from your CHARACTER to the TABLE, where no one can STEAL it. Count this FOOD toward your score at the end of the game.
  • WHAT’S THE HOOPLA CARD— ”Welcome to the BUFFET! What are we celebrating today?” Alter the rules of the game with this card.