unPerfect Heroes: Battle Lines - Fight or Bribe to the Front of the Line in this Funny Yet Strategic Board Game

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unPerfect Heroes: Battle Lines is the Fast, Strategic, Fun, and Easy Card Battling Board Game You've Been Waiting For

6 boards, 52 cards, 20 standees, and even a graphic novel for such a low price? Wow!


“A totally serious game of cards, strategy, and misfits”

unPerfect Heroes:™ Battle Lines™ is a tongue in cheek Gotcha-style game that marries all the humor of exploding apples with the quick fun of several toddlers fighting through a dungeon. Think of it as the drunk uncle to classics like Poker and Chutes and Ladders desperately trying to fight his way to the front of the buffet line.

Gut-Wrenching Adventure Awaits!

You are impatiently standing at the back of a line. The buffet closes in two minutes and you know the port-o-poop line afterward is going to be very long. Welcome to “unPerfect Heroes: Battle Lines”, the game where you move members of the misfit Waple family against various “targets” who have the same goal as you. Race against friends to the front of various lines in a comic game of cards, strategy, ridiculous power-ups and zany characters!

Strategy Abounds!

Move your game pieces through the traps to the top of varying scenario boards. Play up to five cards per hand to beat one of your opponents’ three stats, each with its own consequence. Attacking and Bribing can move your character forward while chickening out moves your opponent back or even into a trap.

Expandability Assured!

Decks comprise 20 Heroes, 20 Target Characters and 13 Random Crap cards. Players can share one deck, each player can have their own deck, or shuffle multiple decks together to add special combos.

Fight and bribe your way to the front of six exciting lines with booby traps galore!
Cutters are the heroes of the game. Use a Cutter to move ahead in line.
Targets are the horrid people you are trying to cut in front of.
Use Random Crap you find to help boost your cutter or hurt your target.

Battle Lines Board Game Video Reviews

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