In Battle Lines, players take on the roles of two different categories of people that would be standing in a line: a line cutter, or a target. Imagine you are at the back of the line and want to move forward. You would be a line cutter and are looking for potential targets that you can get in front of.

Cutter – When it is your turn, you will play one or two Line Cutter cards. Using your Cutters’ cards, you take advantage of your opponent to move forward by either fighting or bribing. Or, if the situation fits, you may choose to chicken out, during which, an imaginary person would have sneaked in front of your distracted opponent during that stare-down, to move them back one or two spaces.

Target – If the Cutter chooses you during a turn, you will play one or two Target cards. These are the people in line that the Cutter will try to cut in front of. Use your defenses to stop them in their tracks. Be careful about them chickening out because if you lose, you will move your character back on the board either one or two spaces based on how many Targets you played.

Random Crap – Oh look, you found a defunct rocket launcher on the ground next to the buffet line. Fire it off at your opponent’s targets and increase your stats! Basically, this is stuff you find while in line that you can use to help yourself or hinder your opponent. It never hurts to have some random crap on you at all times.