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Skirmish is the first of three planned games in the Divinities Boon series.


Those who worship the Divine ask for boons.

Wishes granted, prayers answered, miracles performed. The gods rarely answer those requests. Even rarer is when the gods answer these requests with the tangible, until now. The pantheon of gods has deemed it worthy of elevating their followers to new heights and aiding them in their dominance of the other races. The gods, these divine, bestowed the Divinities Boon to mortals. Each group now competes in a grueling, warlike test of mettle and skill to obtain the Boon, but that is not the only gift given. 

Far from it. 

There are other gifts scattered far and wide across the world that give power and benefit to those who seek them. As the knowledge of these Boon Shards has spread, more and more champions set out on their own to claim this power for themselves. Shards do not grant world-altering power, per se, but are power, nonetheless. Some theorize gathering enough shards will cause the Gods to grant more boons to those willing to claim them. 

Hence, while the war rages on, small splinter groups have split from their factions to seek and claim these Boon Shards for themselves. Most seek to gain the power to become their race's leading champion, some for personal gain, others merely out of spite. Whatever their reasons, seekers of glory risk it all—always hunting that which can not be tracked and which lies on no map. All for the hope of power. 

But none of that concerns you, as you are no champion. Not yet, at least. Remnants of that Boon's energy appeared through the lands, and you, as the highest-ranking fighter in the area, were summoned to capture it. Your chance to prove yourself and move up the ranks is now.

You find yourself in Serenity Valley. Once a calm center of commerce and trade, the area has become ravaged by conflict and abandoned by the weak because of threats of undead violence, orc raids, dwarven blitz, and the whim of the fae. It now sits amidst a battleground, one of many that sprinkle the landscape rumored to harbor these Shards and the power to make dreams come true. Your dreams.


Fight and bribe your way to the front of six exciting lines with booby traps galore!
Cutters are the heroes of the game. Use a Cutter to move ahead in line.
Targets are the horrid people you are trying to cut in front of.
Use Random Crap you find to help boost your cutter or hurt your target.

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